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agressif behaviour towards new puppy

we recently bought a male bloodhound pup. Our 7 year old jack seems not to like him at all. He ignores him and when the pup approaches him he growls and sometimes attacks, even when the pup shows submission. he accepted the other dogs (females) we bought after a couple of weeks.
is he afraid he will loose his leadership? what do i need to do? i dont want to punish him all the time.

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Jul 26, 2013
Agressive behaviour
by: BAmorim

I can understand how you feel. We had the reverse situation when we adopted a 5 year old JR and we already had a 3 year old. We were quickly able to rehabilitate the 5 year old. He behaved the same or worse upon meeting our dog. As soon as the family left him with us, we went to work. We found a bright common space and my husband and I sat on the floor each with a dog. We encouraged them to be in each other's company and be as close as possible. Everytime the 5 year old growled or snapped we put him into submission with a stern "No". He had to remain in submission until we let him up. We also had the other dog come close to the 5 year old while he was in submission, so that the other dog would learn not to be fearful of him. They were both males and it was a challenge. I work from home so I had to work intensely with them for the first day, and then less and less. I learned a lot from Cesar Milan videos and how he explains it. Both dogs need to know that we (our whole family) are dominant and the pack leader. They then realize that they are on the same level in the pack (family) and then they both stopped trying to dominate each other. We are about two months in and the difference is unbelievable. Keep at it and I don't accept even a growl. As soon as I hear it, i say "Shht", as in a sharp shushing sound and say No and use my body to move close to him in a dominant stance. The new addition is now completely at ease with our other dog. They even play together. Also, Cesar says that walking them together, in tandem side by side daily for a good walk is an exercise in team work. They must remain at your side or behind you as you are dominant on the walk (we use the gentle leader and keep them right beside us when we walk at a brisk pace). That was our team building exercise and I think was also crucial to the plan. Good luck, I hope this helps

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