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Am I ready for a JRT?

So - I'm adopting a dog, I know I don't want a puppy, and I know I'm looking to get someone from a shelter.

I told the owner of the shelter I visited this week that I didn't want to adopt based on a picture, I wanted to tell her about me and her to tell me who the right fit was. I went through a BUNCH of dogs..and I'm not a picky person...just weighing my choices.

The last dog she brought to me was a Jack Russel, "Jack" - I NEVER thought I'd go for a JRT but I totally fell for this guy. He was darling, curious, full of life and personality, and so friendly. Came right up to me and gave me kisses then laid down in my lap.

The owner of the shelter assured me she wouldn't have let me look at him if we wasn't a sweet heart...there were several other JRT's there that she advised me against.

My boyfriend and I talked about him and both agreed he was our favorite. I've been doing JRT research ever since and I have to say, a lot of what I read is scaring me. Can I handle this guy? Is he ever going to sleep? Am I ever going to sleep?

I live in a one bedroom apartment. But he'll be coming to my office with me during the day where there are other dogs (casual place, obviously) so he wont be alone unless we're going out to dinner or something.

I already love walking and we live a block from lake michigan so we'll be expending a lot of energy there in the evenings and on weekends.

How do I decide if I'm ready?

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Jan 03, 2012
ready for a jrt
by: aj

Hi, I have a jack russell and he is so opposite of everything I read about jack russell terriers. We were able to see his parents and they were very mild mannered. My jack is the most loving adorable dog ever, I have had him for 14 months now and he's the love of my life. I work from home and he's with me a lot and he's such a good boy. There were things at the very beginning that we nipped in the bud with jack. We were persistent in our training, my hubby plays rough with him and I don't like that but he's just an amazing dog, we really lucked out. There wasn't a single person who was for the idea of us getting a jack russell from family to my clients but they were all wrong and what a defeat to prove what a blessed little fellow he is, I love him so much. Don't believe what you read about Jacks, they are loving loyal dogs, my jack is active but not overly.

Jan 03, 2012
Ready for a Jack Russell
by: MaryJane

It's great that you are doing the research before you potentially get a Jack Russell. Many people don't and are suprised. It sounds like you have really bonded with this dog. Jack Russells are definitely full of energy and need lots of exercize....which it sounds like you are aware of and have planned for. Not all Jack Russells are crazy hyper though and they do make wonderful pets. How old is the Jack Russell you were thinking about adopting? Obviously as they get older and mature, Jack Russells will have less energy. I am concerned about a Jack Russell being able to settle in and hung out calmly during an office day (although that is so awesome that you are allowed to bring dogs to work!)
What did the woman at the shelter say? Would you be able to go back to the shelter and spend a little more time - maybe take it for a walk to see how that goes and to see him for a little more alone time?

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