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by Anna-Christina

My Jack russell/Whippet Cross, Monty is a neutered male. In the past four months he has aged considerably, with disc problems. He now mainly sleeps and doesn't eat or even drink very much. He looks very old. He is very thin, even noticeable with him being part Whippet he has always been lean but now he is ribby. He has a dog door and has always used it but now he is weeing on the carpet when I am out. Do you think he sort of has dogzeimhers? He is looked after by our vet anI am trying to catch some urine so it can be tested. When Monty had the spinal problems he was anaesthetised for exrays and blood and urine was taken. There was nothing untoward. How do I know if it might be kinder to have Monty put to sleep?

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Aug 04, 2012
by: Sally

I'm so sorry to hear about Monty's health. I'm glad that your vet is looking after him and I hope he figures out what is wrong . Dogs can get a form of dementia and it can be the reason why they forget where to urinate. We had to put our Jack down recently and it was a very very hard decision that my husband and I went back and forth on. When our Jack seemed to lose interest in the things he used to love- like eating and playing- we knew it was time. He was 16 which is pretty old for a Jack.
How old is your Jack/whippet? Have you tried putting some toppers like cheese or special dog gravy to make his food more interesting. Also, google the recipe for "satin balls". Those help with weight gain.
Im thinking about Monty and hope everything is ok!

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