My 11 year old male Jack Russell chases and mounts his mother of 13 years from time to time. At the moment he is not leaving her alone. Tonight he an erection and could not move, he urinated on the floor and was a long time before he could move.

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Dec 04, 2011
Jack Russell mounting mother
by: Gary

I know it looks disturbing but in the dog world it is pretty common. It can be part dominance, part excitement on the dog's part especially if the female is in heat. Neutering can help if your dog has not been neutured. Working on him having solid "sit", "stay" type skills can be helpful and then do that before the mounting really starts - you can't mount and "sit" at the same time :-) Make sure to give him high valued treats while working on these skills. Also, try to get a hold of when the mounting is happening and see what you can control in your environment to help things decrease (for example, if it's always after dinner, then try separating the dogs before it happens).
Hope this helps!

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