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annie, old territorial jack russell terrier

How do I handle an old territorial JR with a new puppy?
They have been together or about 3 days and no major problems just a little anxiety on the puppy part when the older JR came to sit on the couch with me and the new pupp?

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Sep 26, 2011
Old dog new Jack
by: Frank

I would introduce them slowly - keep them separated at first and bring them together for small amounts of time. Make sure their time together is happy and give them a treat to enforce that. Keep the puppy in a room that your old dog doesn't use/like that much - like the bathroom, you can use a crate. Remember to do everything separate at first - train, feed and play- until they get used to each other. Even after that, still supervise the puppy around the old dog to make sure there are no signs of aggression and especially because puppies are so energetic and the older dog may not like a puppy nipping and biting them. Do fun stuff like walk them together and take them to dog parks together to socialize.
Good luck!

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