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by Ann-Marie
(Inverness, Fla)

My Jack Russell Terrier has a black Mole on his tail that has gotten enlarged. He also has been scratching often and butt surfing across the floor as well as scratching underparts of his body.What could have caused it to have gotten enlarged since he has had the mole for many years and also any advice about the excessive scratching. He is bathed quite often since he gives off an odor?

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Feb 21, 2014
JRT scratching
by: Dan

It sounds like your Jack may have allergies. The butt scratching could be because of his anal glands. A vet can help you release them. In terms of the allergies, you can try a grain free high quality food, putting omega 3 oil on his food. The good news is that most of the time a black wart-like growth it is not anything to worry about.
However, a lump that has been present for years that suddenly starts to change I would to make sure it is nothing serious.
Unfortunately the only way to know this is to have your vet do a fine needle aspirate. Most dogs tolerate this relatively well.

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