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another JRT bitch?

by Sarah

We have a two year old JRT spayed bitch, Lola, who loves to run with other dogs. With that in mind we decided to get her a companion and settled on another female Jack (who we also intend to get spayed). Having done some research, though, I have discovered that two Jack Russell bitches together are very likely to fight. We are due to get our new puppy in the next two weeks so any advice (soon!) would be grateful as the window to back out is getting smaller! Thank you.

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Dec 10, 2013
Adding another female JRT
by: Paula

This may be too late....if so, I hope you have added your new puppy into the mix and things are going well!!
While it usually isn't recommended for two Jack females, it can be done.

Leave your current dog at home when you go to pick up the new one. Introduce your dogs at a neutral spot - like a dog park or a sidewalk. Keep the dogs on a leash with one person holding the leash loosely for each dog. Keep things light hearted and don't force interactions. Give them time to sniff each other then each person gently walk their dog in the opposite direction, have them sit and give them a reward. Closely observe the dogs’ body language. Their postures can help you understand what they’re feeling and whether things are going well or not. Loose body movements and muscles, relaxed open mouths, and play bows (when a dog puts his elbows on the ground and his hind end in the air) are all good signs that the two dogs feel comfortable. Stiff, slow body movements, tensed mouths or teeth-baring, growls and prolonged staring are all signs that a dog feels threatened or aggressive. If you see this type of body language, quickly lead the dogs apart to give them more distance from each other. Again, practice simple obedience with them individually for treats, and then let them interact again—but this time more briefly. Once the dogs seem to be tolerating each other, talk them for a walk around the block together and then you should be ready to take them home. Take things slow and things should be fine. Good luck!!

Dec 10, 2013
haven't read
by: Anonymous

I haven't read the information you have so I do not know.. I am just asking if both had been spayed. Yes Girl dogs can be territorial, very much so. Any breed.
My male JRT is .. aggressive tho beyond words. He bites me, and has brought blood more than once.
He is rarely obedient unless a snack is involved.
I do not believe ANY one else could handle this WIRED aggressive dog better than me, so I keep him.
I would NEVER do it again.
I would suggest perhaps a girl, or another breed..

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