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anxiety seperation problems

by lee
(gillingham kent)

i have a 9 wk old jack russell he crys when i leave the room or go up stairs if he cant see me , he crys when told to go in his own bed he wants to sleep with me all the time he does settle once hes with me and sleeps the whole nite does any one have any suggestions tried warm blankets ticking clock nothing works

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Feb 08, 2012
Seperation problems
by: Penny

Our Jack had issues too, it's not uncommon for the little ones to experience this at a young age because they have been seperated from their littermates. If you don't have a cage, consider getting one and doing some crate training, that usually helps a lot.
During the day I would practice putting him in his cage/or a small room and moving back a bit for a minute or so. Give him a treat, praise him and then move back a little further. Do this a few times until you are just out the door and have closed the door. Practice this for a few days each time moving a bit further or for a slightly longer period of time. You will have to ignore the cries. Toys like the Kong - where you can stuff it with biscuits/peanut butter are a good way to keep a dog busy so that he is not thinking about missing you.
At night, I would keep the cage or have a box in your room (if it's a cage, cover it with a towel), put in a shirt or something with your scent on it and you could even try a heated covered water bottle. The first night or so you may hear some crying but you should wait it out. Giving in to the crying rewards the behavior you are trying to change. You may want some earplugs :-) Hope this helps!

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