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Anxious and shinning

by Sherri Henry
(Millbrook, Alabama)

My 1amd 1/2 yeAr old Jack has just started shinning continuously and acting anxious what could be wrong

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Mar 05, 2012
Compulsive behavior
by: Rebecca

It sounds like your Jack may be exhibiting compulsive behavior stemming from some form of anxiety. Many times the anxiety stems from something earlier on in life - could be from abusive if she was adopted, being confined to a small space, lack of socialization, aggression from other dogs, etc. The anxiety could continue on after the event is over.
Because this is a new behavior, you should always check with your vet first to make sure there is no underlying medical condition causing your Jack to do this. After you rule medical issues out you will need to take note of when the behavior is taking place (what sets it off) and what the possible cause could have been. Lots of physical and mental exercise (game play like hiding a treat in another room and having your Jack go find it) go a big way in helping your dog relieve some of the stress it's experiencing. A long 30 minute plus walk. A tired dog is less likely to engage in compulsive behaviors. Also, obedience training - either at home or at a school. Going to a school would be good because there would be socialization with other dogs. Learning new skills will help identify you as the pack leader as well as strengthen the bond between you and your Jack. Redirecting if possible is also good. When you see your Jack looking like he might start to spin, then distract him with a fun toy like a food filled Kong.

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