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apartment destruction!!!!

by claire
(san luis obispo)

I grew up with jack russells and love them to death but i recently got my OWN jack to take with me to college... he's 11 months now and won't stop chewing my sisters and i stuff up!! before i go to work i make sure i clean everything up that he can get a hold of but he somehow figures out how to get to it... the other day he pulled out a picture frame from under the bed and literally shredded the thing, the glass was broke to (he didn't eat any of the glass). TODAY pulled off my base board and tore that to pieces!!! thats ONLY 2 things out of about 50. i buy him countless of bones and even get him deer antlers to chew on and i also exercise him to. HELP!! i have a crate for him but I'm usually gone for work for about 8 1/2 hours. Any suggestions?

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Jun 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

Our little JR girl used to do the same thing. We now leave the TV on for her and she seems to have stopped. Most days when we get home she's been asleep on our bed. Even a radio might help

Apr 12, 2015
Dog destroying apartment
by: Melissa

You have a lot on your plate with college and working as well. I wouldn't worry about crating your Jack. It's very common to crate a dog for 8-9 hours. In fact many dogs really like the cave like atmosphere that a crate provides. And it would definitely cut down on the destruction in your apartment. Put some toys in the crate - like a Kong filled with peanut butter - to keep your Jack occupied.

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