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Are JRT's known to get hurt alot

by monique
(woonsocket, ri)

I have adopted a Jack. His name is Max. He's a shortie Jack Russell so he's compact and full of muscle. I have small walls in the back yard and one day he came to me and his chin was scraped. Well he was out running in the yard which is mostly up hill and must of scraped his chin.

The other day he went running for the open door and came down off of the wall and completely missed the doorway and hit full force on the bottom of the doorway. I thought he was going to drop. He seems to be clumsy with a full head of steam. Are they known to hurt themselves alot? I am so afraid that he is going to bust a leg or his little head.

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Oct 25, 2010
Accident prone Jack Russells
by: Tom

Yes, JRTs often are quite prone to hurting themselves, purely because they're going a mile a minute. Bear in mind that a few knocks are often pretty meaningless to a Jack Russell - they're built pretty tough. That said, you should be doing some basic training to keep the dog under voice control when he's putting himself in dangerous situations. If he does himself any serious damage, take him to the vet - but otherwise a few scratches now and then are not a huge concern, assuming they don't become in danger of infection.

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