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Arthritis prevention

by Jill

I rescued my jack russell/min pin/chiuaua/basenji mix last year. The vet said that his knees were, "a little loose" but he is in good health. He also has food sensitivity issues (which we have corrected) and he is 2 years old. I Googled "loose knees in Jack Russels" and found out that it is common in dogs who like to jump a lot...when they do, the hind joints frequently rotate causing looseness in the joint OR displacement of the patella. My dog LOVES to jump around and I am wondering what I can do to help prevent the onset of arthritis for as long as I can? He is a is in his innate what can I do?

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Mar 03, 2013
by: Betty

It's impossible to keep these little guys from jumping! Do you think getting pet ramps/doggie stairs will help him from jumping in the house? We have doggie stairs so that our older Jack can climb into our bed (I know, he shouldn't be on there but I can't help it!). Maybe teaching techniques now so that he doesn't jump on and off furniture as well as on his hind legs since that is also really bad for knees.
I would also start now giving him fish oil (on top of his food)and Glucosamine since that is good for joint health. We give that to our older Jack and heck, I even take it myself.
Make sure your Jack has a padded bed so that none of his joints are stressed when sleeping.
And you can also look for alternative forms of exercise for your Jack like swimming because that doesn't put stress on the joints. And I've heard of some people that do accupuncture and massage to help with joint type stuff......but that can get expensive.

It's great you are thinking ahead for your little guy. Best wishes!

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