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Attacking when leaving the house

by maria campbell
(guildford surrey)

My 5yr old female spayed rescue (from a puppy) JR is a calm great dog EXCEPT when we leave to go anywhere, be it the house, if we visit someone, or even leave the pub following a long walk on a Sunday. The barking and jumping up etc is awful. It is a shame as I dread taking her with us anywhere as she will not stop for around 5 mins. When we leave the house for a walk (twice a day) off lead and across country the same thing happens, yet if she knows she is going anywhere by car, silent..... (she doesen't like the car. I have tried I think everything and am now at a loss.
Thank you.

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Dec 10, 2013
Jack attacking when leaving the house
by: Paula

Rescues can be hard since you don't know their circumstances before you got them - even though you have had her since she was a pup. It sounds like your Jack could benefit from some socialization and obedience training. The obedience training would cut down on some of the behaviors because you could work on the jumping and barking through that. Do you have a nearby class that you could take? Or you could get a book on teaching simple commands - but the class would be better because there would be other dogs and people there to socialize with. And then you would need to practice these commands on a daily basis - simple ones like "sit" "stay", etc, paired with a positive reinforcer (like a treat). Then you can transfer that when you leave the house (paired with a reinforcer). That should cut down on the behaviors.

Dec 10, 2013
not travelers
by: Anonymous

Apparently, they are just very WIRED dogs. Paddy whines and umphs the whole time we are in the car. Makes me a nervous wreck, I tried again to take him, to a park, where my scotty loved to go. I brought my lunch and him an extra patty. WE just sat in the car, because he was so WIRED. I was afraid he would fight the others. ( He was kicked out of a Vet's daycare)
When I gave him a morsel of his food, he was so hyped up he bit at my hand!
IDK... No.. I won't get another JRT
I will keep him.. only cos I don't know anyone who could deal with this awful dog!!
OK. I love him, but no I would not wish this dog on anyone.

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