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Attacks my boyfriend when leaving the apartment.

by Stephanie
(Kansas City)

Hi! I've had my wire haired JRT, Spencer, for about 5 years now. He came to my boyfriend and I as a stray. We believe he may have been abused in his last home. Spencer is obsessed/madly in love with me, and seems to have a good relationship with my boyfriend (he loves me more!) When my boyfriend will take our dogs out in the morning (we also have a German shepherd/pit mix, who is Spencer's bestfriend) he won't leave my sleeping side. It takes a bunch of coaxing and a bribe of doggie treats. As of late, anytime my boyfriend leaves the house he goes crazy! Growling, nipping at his legs and recently biting. It's only when the boyfriend leaves. Spencer loves him, he'll cuddle, play, and even loves the game of "go kiss daddy!". I don't know what to do. Spencer is about 9 years old. If anyone has any advice that would be lovely. Also, the boyfriend says he is not like that when I'm not home. What do I do?!

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Jan 04, 2015
Jack biting when leaving
by: Francine

I'm sure a lot of the behavior stems from being a rescue, it's hard to know what went on where he was before. For some reason, your boyfriend leaving has triggered something and now it has become a behavior. There are a few things you can try. You can get a Kong, fill it with peanut butter and biscuits and then stick it in the freezer (that way it takes a long time to finish) and have your boyfriend give it to Spenser just before he leaves as a way to distract him.
Another thing to try if the above doesn't work is to have your boyfriend crate Spenser or have him sequestered to a room, that was he can close the door to the room and then leave?
If that doesn't work, then maybe having your boyfriend be the one to feed Spenser so that he gains his trust.
Hope one of the above works! Spenser was luck to have found his forever home with you!

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