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Bad Dog and She Knows It

by Sofia
(Australia )

My Jack Russell called Lucy is acting strange. She is Peeing in front of me when i play with her and running away when call her and she is toilet trained and she normally comes when i call her. As well she is becoming distant from the family and like all Jack Russell she normally jumps on people but hardly stay around. She is Two years old birthday last week, so dose it have something to do with age? She is also de-sexed. What do I do? Why is it happening? please write back as soon as you can.

From Sofia Bright

Owner of Lucy

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Dec 04, 2011
Submissive urination possibly
by: Tamara

With any change in a dogs behavior, you should have it checked out by a vet first. If the vet gives her a clear bill of health, you may want to look into submissive urination. Submissive urination - like when he pees in front on you - usually happens when a dog doesn't know her place in the household. There may have been something that set her off, like loud voices from a fight, or maybe you have been correcting her too firmly or leaning over her instead of bending to her level when petting her. It's hard to know what caused it. Working on basic training like "sit", "stay" can give her more confidence as well as you can use that when she tries to run away. Make sure you are only using positive feedback with her, negative feedback makes things worse. And also make sure you are giving her immediate treats when she does something correction - like peeing outside.

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