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Bad Dog...Get off the Bed!

by Sara
(Grand Island, NE, USA)

I'm having trouble keeping my 5 year old Jack Russell off the bed. My husband and I work/sleep in different schedules. Jack (yes, that's his name) will sleep in his cave bed when I'm sleeping, but when I leave for work he jumps right up with my husband (who is too much of a sound sleeper to scold). We adopted him two years ago and have been struggling with this ever since. Is it too late to teach him? Any suggestions? I've thought about kenneling him as a punishment if he's caught on the bed, but don't know if that will work.

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Dec 05, 2011
Jack Russell sleeping in bed
by: Barbara

I think it's become a habit for Jack. He knows that he won't be scolded if he climbs into the bed after you have left. Since your husband is a sound sleeper it is going to be hard for him to consistently inforce the rules. If it's not a big problem for you husband you can always just "let sleeping dogs lie" and let Jack enjoy his nap. If it is an issue then maybe when you get up you should take Jack to another area of your house and close the bedroom door. Or you can put him in his kennel and then after your husband wakes up then he can let him out.

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