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Bald patches, thinning of all coat & very pink skin

by Catherine

I have a 11 week old jack Russell & within the last week, his fur has been thinning & he has gone bald on his head, we have taken him to the vets, which they stated to just keep an eye on him, but I'm becoming concerned as it is getting worse, has anyone experienced this with their jack Russell before? We have only bathed him with puppy shampoo which was recommended to us, any advice would be helpful, many thanks

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Feb 03, 2015
by: Arden

sounds like ringworm (fungus), is a skin disease. take him to another vet for diagnose. my 12 weeks old jrt had it and luckily we treated before it became a major issue. the symptons include pink / red skin, blackened patch of fur / skin, swollen round shape skin.

hope this isnt too late.

Oct 08, 2014
thinning coats
by: pauline Twms mum

I have a 2year old jkr who is nearly bald from the top of legs and his belly, We have been to the vets and they can't find any thing wrong,We have 2 younger jkr from the same parents and they have the same problem but not sever, have you asked about the parents, as it could be genetic, I hope you enjoy your pup they are an amazing breed

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