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Barking... 22 week old female Jack Russell.

by D Andrew

22 week old female Jack Russell Pup named Effie, had her from 9 weeks old. Has now started barking when out on walks with my husband, and two children. Effie barks at anyone passing and especially with another dog. We also have another 5 year old female dog who is very placid with Effie and doesn't have any bad behaviour traits to speak of. Together they play all day happily, are usually walked daily and are off the lead as the older dog comes to heel with a whistle and is very obedient. Effie appears frightened at times and we feel fear could be the root of her problem, but how do we help her overcome this fear?

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Feb 25, 2011
Sir Barks'alot
by: Jen

My JRT did this as a puppy too. Start with a clete collar(it does not hurt them but feels like mommy dog correcting them). Itll snap your jack out of it. Every time he does this give a slight, quick jerk of the collar and hell learn this is not acceptable. Also another thing you can try is reprogramming. Every time hes out you need to feel your dog and anticipate his action before he does react. So...keep some snacks in your pocket and every time hes about to see another dog give him a treat. Hell soon realize that another dog equals a treat and hell begin to associate another dog with a good experience. Itll take possible a few weeks but consistancy is KEY.

Oct 25, 2010
Gradually reducing fear in a Jack Russell
by: Tom

The answer is desensitization, which basically means a gradual, controlled exposure to what the dog is afraid of with lots of reinforcement. The process is a little too detailed to explain here, but there's a very comprehensive outline of exactly how to deal with this in my ebook.

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