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Bed time

by Karrie

I have a 10 month old JR puppy. At night when I take him to bed he might lay down for a few min but then he is up. He jumps on me, barks (an extremely high pitched bark), and digs at me. He jumps off and on the bed. When I put him in his cage, he lays for a few min. then he starts barking again. He is up and down ALL night long.

I have tried everything that I know. We walk every night, they play outside for hours.

I just don't know what to do and I am at wits end!!! Please help!! Any ideas are appreciated!

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Aug 15, 2011
Jack Russell rules the roost!
by: Anonymous

Sounds like your little guy rules the roost at your home! You may have been reinforcing negative behavior and giving missed messages with his crate. At bedtime you are going to have to be very strict about the crate. Once your dog is in the crate, you should not take him out. You may want to cover the crate with a large towel so that your Jack is not getting any eye contact or extra attention. Make sure your crate is the appropriate size and comfortable for him.

If you are worried about his tolerance for the crate, you may need to build up to him being in the crate. You can start for a little bit each day. Put him in and don't let him out until he is quiet - and then make sure to reward him with praise and treats.

If all else fails, you may want to consider moving him to another room (for your sanity!).

Also, make sure he is on a very set predictable schedule with set feeding and walking times.

Remember, you are the pack leader and have to send consistent messages to your Jack!

Let us know how things go!

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