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by Jane

I've got 2 JRs (have always had this breed). Anyhow one was diagnosed with incurable kidney disease a year ago and was expected to live a few weeks. Here's the thing..he has been VERY spoilt as a result and now he's fine a year later and showing no illness symptoms. His behavior has changed - as is to be expecetd - wants nothing to do with other dog - won't stay in the same room, and growling has begun. I want to rectify the spoiling I have done, but in a gentle way. Suggestions please. (both dogs are over 10 years old)


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Aug 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am the worst person in the world to give advice about unspoiling, but I noticed you mentioned incurable kidney disease that suddenly disappeared. Never heard of this or if I'm misunderstanding just thought if you still had issues with this I would recommend something. I used to work for a vet pharm company and they had a product that had a lot of success. Please don't think I'm just somebody trolling to make money for my business, I no longer work for this company just looking for info as I have recently saved a jack russell/fox terrier mix and was looking for tips and info. Do me a favor if kidney disease is still an issue... look up a product by the name of Azodyl... also there may be other products similar now not sure. Just trying to help.

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