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Behaviour issues ( crazy)

by Vicky

My jack Russell, Alfie is really really calm at home and is the best dog anyone could ever ask for but when we are out on walks and see another dog he goes absolutely mental, on one incident he has nipped my leg because he is that wound up. Treats don't work I just don't know what else to do . Please help !!!!

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Jun 05, 2012
by: Jennifer

My JRT, Dude ( 10 yr old male) is the same exact way. He completely freaks out around other dogs. He barks and growls and screams like a baby!!! I try to hold him still sometimes, but he ends up scratching me, trying to get to what he wants. It makes him seem SO VICIOUS, but he is the sweetest little guy. I don't know why he does it or how to stop him. Sometimes I cover his eyes with my hand when I see another dog coming. His behavior is embarrassing sometimes, too. He doesn't get the exercise he needs because we always run into other dogs on our walks.

Jun 04, 2012
by: Sylvia Ford

All your Jack Russell is doing is protecting the ones he loves. You have to let him know that you can protect him. One way of doing that is when he starts going crazy around other dogs flip him over on his back, keep a hold of the collar and make him look at you. Tell him you will take care of him and that you are the boss. You may have to do it quite a few times. These dogs are highly intelligent, but he will get the message after awhile.
Another alternative is to use a muzzle, not the $19.95 ones they have at the pet stores. Ours got out of one of those in 3 seconds flat. I don't think you can buy the good ones in Canada. Ours also gets out of his kennell in 2 seconds flat. We only use it in the car. He does make me laugh because he plasters himself against me and won't move. After awhile I am able to put him back and he stays there.
We absolutely adore this little 18 old little toughie.
My husband does not want him to change anymore. He said he is perfect the way he is.
We love his spunkiness and all of his playful antics. Never seen anything so fast and so tough.
They have no fear. They think and act like a 130 lb. dog and in fact are as tough as one.

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