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Behaviour Modification - Is it too late for my seven year old male Jack Russell

by Carol

Our dog Benji, is terrible with other dogs. As soon as he sees another Dog he gets very aggressive and barks until they are out of sight. He is now seven years old and the problem has been there since a pup and never improved. We have another Jack Russell who is slightly older who is totally the opposite.
We did try training and socialising classes when he was a pup. When in the clases and with a large number of dogs he was much better. But as soon as he is just with us walking he is terrible. We had given up with trying to improve him and is now walked very early to avoid meeting other dogs and excercised in the back garden with a frisby.
We would like to start taking our dogs camping with us but as you can imagine it is very difficult on a camp site. We would like to try again to help him feel comfortable around other dogs. Are we too late?

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Feb 17, 2014
Behavior Modification for a Jack Russell
by: Jane

It's not too late! Even though he is no longer a puppy you could still do classes for socialization. But honestly, it might be easier to bring in an expert, a person who is specifically trained in pet behavior who can help you. I'm sure with just a little training your Jack will be much better behaved!

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