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behavioural problem

by debbie

Ever since my husband passed away 12 months ago I have been having massive problems with my 14 year old jack Russell which seem to revolve around food. He has been to the vets for blood tests and check up and there is nothing medically wrong with him, so over the past 5 months I have tried him on different types of dog food, meat and fish , but no luck unless he fancies it; I have tried removing the food in between meal times, leaving the food there all day but he is so stubborn that if he doesn’t fancy the food he will go 4 days without anything. He has also developed habits such as asking to go for a wee every half an hour and coming straight back in to see if I have put food down , he gets me up at 5am for a wee and again comes straight back in to look for food , and if I don’t go downstairs when he wants he wees in the house. I have tried everything to break his habits and am at my wits end so any suggestions welcome.

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