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being sick

by chris

Good morning. I was given a 13 mth old Jack Russel last week. The lady who gave it to me said it was being attacked by it's mother who was jealous.
Since bringing it home it's been throwing up about 10/12 times a day. kind of retching with just white froth comming up.I ask her on the phone if she expierienced it before and she siad it's couigh that come and goes. Is it not a cough as he doesnt cough just retches and throws up.
he's a magnificent little animal and it hurts to see him like this.
Any advice at all would be greatly apriciated.

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Oct 03, 2011
Jack Russell throwing up white foam
by: James

Hi Chris,
It sounds like it may be what is called "kennel cough". It's spread in dogs through airbourne bacteria in places like kennels, boarding centers, dog parks, etc. I would take your Jack to the vet because if it is Kennel Cough you will most likely need perscription medicine. It should go away after taking medication - takes about a week. While your pup is taking the medication keep him away from other dogs as kennel cough is spread fairly easily.

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