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by Jake

My 8 week old jackapoo keeps biting constantly, we keep giving him a tap on the nose but it doesn't help, he just keeps biting every time we get him out. What is the correct method for stopping them biting? Or will it just stop with age?

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Apr 29, 2012
Bellers 7
by: Sylvia Ford

Hi, It will not stop with age, He is still very young but is a good time to stop it. Flip him over on his back and make him look at you then tell him you are the boss. Make him stay there for a min. or two. You will have to hold him in that position. If that doesn't work try a muzzle, they don't like them so will listen quicker. We got a 16 month old that did this a lot. We still have to put the muzzle on him when we take him out in public. He is learning, and his social skills are really picking up. When you do something with a Jack Russel you have to keep it up as they are so highly intelligent. For ex. our Jack Russell who is named Russell loves the car and you never hear a peep out of him. One day when it was warm I took him for a walk in the parking lot of a mall. For the longest time he figured I should take him out whenever we stopped. He started the most ungodly noise and everyone would look at me, I am sure they thought he was being abused. He had quit doing that just recently. We absolutely love our Russell and can't imagine life without him. He is our baby.

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