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Beloved Bailey Marie

by Brenda Peirce

The story of our beloved Jack, Bailey started 14 years ago. Her older "brother" Tucker needed a playmate and this adorable black and white female was the perfect companion.

Bred and reared at a kennel specializing in police dogs, Bailey was not only the runt of the litter, but also surrounded by German Shepherd. This little dog quickly became territorial and somewhat difficult with other dogs.With her owners, though, Bailey was extremely bonded.

Our little Bailey Marie was always a bit small, even for a Jack. Her imperfect ears meant that she would never show and that was fine with us. She was just perfect in our eyes.

Bailey was adorned with a soft but somewhat rough coat of white with black patches and a nearly full black mask. Her little heart was kind and she was always loving to any person she met.

She was bright and funny, but, unlike some Jacks, she was quite obedient. Well able to run, Bailey always stayed close to home--even when Tucker bolted.

She loved my daughter Cameron the most and always thought of her as her baby. Cameron, too, loved Bailey more than words could say.Bailey grew, mastered tricks, chased endless tennis balls and gave her family much love. She was a fine companion, though sometimes police dog, to our boy Tucker. She was a gem.

A few months ago she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had several violent seizures. She had less than a month with her medication. Two nights ago, our girl could not rest. She paced constantly in circles and was unable to sleep. The next day, her pacing and agitation became worse and was followed by a few small seizures. Within a few hours, she lost her ability to walk, move her head or shut her eyes.

I moved Bailey to the ottoman next to the couch and I stayed with my hand on her all night. By morning, our poor girl still hadn't shut her eyes and began a labored breathing. We knew it was time.

My husband, daughter and I loaded Bail and her bed into the car and headed towards the vet. As Bailey sat on my lap, she must have known what was coming. She was finally able to shut her eyes and relax.

We all held Bailey as they administered the fatal dose and watched as the vet signaled her departure. It seemed to us, all of us, as though she was sleeping. Our little black and white wonder was gone. We will never replace this member of our family and don't even intend to. We told Bailey that we would never forget her and we would take good care of Tuck. We told her that Cam would grow up happy and always remember how she loved her. We thanked that little girl for brightening our lives.

It only happened this morning and I know we are all tired and sad. But honestly, this loss, for such a little dog, is immense. Please take a moment and hug your dog, tell them you love them, and try and understand when they do all of the frustrating things that Jacks do. We loved our girl and she lived a long time. For us, though, not long enough.

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Jan 29, 2013
Beloved Bailey Marie
by: John

I lost Boomer, my JRT of 15 years, to liver failure late in 2011. I knew his liver was enlarged for the last two years of his life but the vet could not operate on him because his liver couldn't metabolize the anesthetic, and to put him under would essentially kill him. But other than elevated blood counts resulting from his enlarged liver, Boomer continued to be his normal self.

Over the last 10 days of his life he succumbed to his liver disease and I watched him weaken until I reached the point you did. When Boomer developed labored breathing and could no longer stand on his own, I took him to the vet to have him euthanized. One thing I read during this ordeal I would like to share with you. It was a response to someone who was grappling with the same decision to euthanize their pet:

"Animals live in the present and do not forsee the future or review their past, so why would you want their present state of consciousness to be one of continuous suffering? As far as being morally right or wrong, God made us stewards of His creation. If you have done what you could to give your pet a good life and thats all that matters."

Even a year later, the memory still hurts but I'm positive I made the right choice, as I hope you also know that you did the best for Bailey Marie.

Jun 26, 2012
Thank you
by: Brenda

Thank you so much. It has been a tough road, especially for my daughter. We have taken extra care to spoil our boy, Tucker and that has helped a great deal. Spending this time loving him while we can. Best to you and your Jack!!

Jun 25, 2012
bailey marie
by: aj

My deepest condolences to you, you made me so sad to read that. It is truly amazing how much they are a part of the family. May you and your family find much peace in the coming days knowing you loved her and she loved you. She is resting now in doggie heaven. I cannot even for the life of me think of losing my jack. He is my whole life. Again, my sympathies, take care.

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