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benny-declining appetite

by david burhans
(bloomfield hills, mi )

benny is my three year old jack russell. his normal behavior is fiesty and energetic, likes to eat socksand lick my skin. since christmas he has slowly stopped eating-rejecting his dry/wet food mix, and has lost 11 pounds. we have taken him to several vets and has been prescribed may meds for various possible problems-yet the refusal of food continues. he has had mucle spasms in his hind quarters and in the past has occassionally done several 'down dog' stretches to apparently releive his pain or cramping. that action was seen infrequently. now he does it 3-6 times per day, and his aggressive-biting/niping is becoming more frequent and violent.

Benny is actually my wifes dog, and we were married just recently-prior to me being there on a more regular basis, his behavior habits went unchanged, but since christmas . . . a world of change.

ok the question(s) are dogs/animals prone to the human papiloma virus (hpv) ? if I get an MRI of my dogs body what will that show-they are very costly $3,000-
can he be depressed?

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Jun 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear about poor Benny. It sounds like there is a lot going on with him. I'm wondering if his aggressiveness stems from him not feeling well. I know how grouchy I get when I don't feel well and it's definitely the same with dogs. In the meantime, you might want to experiment with what you are feeding him especially if he is having trouble with his appetite. I would look into trying different foods with him, possibly homemade dog food, to see what he likes best.
As for HPV, dogs have their own version of it, but not the human kind. 3000 for a scan sounds like a lot of money. I would definitely talk with your Vet to see what exactly you can find out from it and then weigh the pros and cons. I would also talk to your Vet to see if the loss of appetite and recent aggressiveness could be related to his pain or medication he is on.

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