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Best toys for jack russells????

by john smith

My JRT Loves soft toys!
he rips them apart within a couple of days and it gets quite pricy buying him them!!!
is there any good stong soft toys??? and if so please supply a reliable link!!

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Jan 18, 2012
Soft toys for dogs
by: Anonymous

Take old t-shirts and cut them into strips. Put together as many strips as you want, tie a knot in one end and plat to the end and tie another knot. You now have a plat your dog can carry around, tear apart or chew on. Also take old socks and make a ball out of it. My daughter made a few for our parsons terrier and she loves it. She tears it apart and chews on it but, now 3 months later, she still has not destroyed it completely.

Sep 04, 2011
Soft toys for strong dogs
by: Max

Have you tried Tuffy dog toys? They are soft but there are many strong layers to it. The problem with many of the plush toys is that my dog will rip it apart and then eat the stuffing inside. This was very bad and she needed surgery! I like Tuffy's because although it is not completely indestructable I don't need to supervise her while she chews it since I know it will take her at least two to three months to get through it. They are more money then regular plush toys but in my opinion worth it. Here is the link to one of their toys that we bought before. It's a bull.
But, you can just put "Tuffy's" in on Amazon and there are quite a few choices.

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