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Biting and aggression

Help! My partner and I got a JRT 4 weeks ago from an animal rescue - 3 yr old Sophie. She did have a history of some aggression but over a 6 mth period while at the rescue centre we both bonded well with her, had her home for weekends and eventually adopted her. Everything was great - we did all the right things (we thought) after reading a lot about JRTs, established my partner as leader of the pack etc. He's been spending a lot of time training her and she's come on so well, really fitted into the home, is very affectionate and is (was!) becoming very obedient. She has a very strong bond with my partner as she's with him all day - I'm out at work. Last night he was out - she gets very mopey when he's not there, but she was ok. Then I went to stroke her and she bit me, not badly, but enough to know we need to deal with this. Any suggestions? We've read all about "leader of the pack" etc but what do you do with other members of the family? I obviously also need to establish myself as an authority figure but it's not so easy when I don't get to spend as much time with her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Jan 06, 2012
Too attached
by: Anonymous

I also have a JRT with a very similar personality. I am his "leader" (I don't like to call it that) This is a COMMON problem among JRT's with more then one member families. My JRT would bite members of my family only when I was not around. Because of that I had to basically force my family (Who were all quite afraid of him at one point. No kids in the house thank god) to feed him. I was never able to give him treats, take him for walks (other then to go pee really quick), and I played with him less then everyone. I know it seems like I was trying to pawn the responsibility onto my family. But after a short time if he had to pee he would jump up on a family member and not me. It helped to build a bond with my other family members. Also one of my family members was just hated by my little JRT. He was bitten 4 times. I decided ONLY that one person in the house was the one that gave him turkey cold cuts and cheese. Sooner or later the "bad guy" turned into the "turkey guy" Its gonna be more work for you, and he will always be gaga over your partner. But he should see you as a good friend, instead of someone living in his space.

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