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Biting Problem

by Ishara Hettiarachchi

I have a Jack Russel Puppy who is 3 months old. she started biting our feet when she was aroun 1 and half months. I thought she will stop when she is big but noe it has become more aggressive. Her biting causes wounds now. I tried alot of methods but she is not stopping. I want to know why she does this. She becomes more aggressive special when i come home after work or whe i am getting ready to go to work in the morning. During day time she is alone at home with the Maid and the Gardner. Is it that they hurt her when I am not around? And please advice me how i should stop her doing this.....

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Apr 12, 2015
Puppy biting
by: Rebecca

You have to remember that she is still a puppy, not a dog. At that age, they are not being aggressive, they are thinking you are playing a game with them. First of all, make sure she is getting plenty of exercise, that will cut down on her energy levels. While you are getting ready for work, give her some toys to distract her (or put her in a cage). A kong filled with peanut butter is a good one. When you come home, be as calm as possible and don't pay any attention to her for the first 20 minutes or until she is calm.
When she tries to bite your feet, say "no" sternly and then redirect her by giving her a toy to play with. See if that helps.

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