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biting problems

my Jack Russel Terrior is 6 months old he is still "biting". Is this normal and if it is how long till he is done biting?

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Jan 24, 2014
Biting is natural
by: TJC

Biting is Natural, in a Dog's world. It is up to you to train him / her to exist in a Human' s world. What we did was every time he played too rough, and started to Bite, we would Stop all Play time, raise our voice directly to him and say
"That is Bad - No Bite" and then turn our backs to him for a minute. He HATES that. Our JRT would then put his ears and tail down and try to act like a Sucky Baby - kinda like asking for forgiveness. After a couple of minutes, letting him stew on what he did wrong, we would gently pet his head and tell OK...Be Good - No Biting. For the Future we would not let him engage in any playing games where he felt compelled to bite - at least not too hard. Playing is one thing, but deliberate biting is a whole new world. We have had our JRT for 2 years now, and to this day, if he starts to bite when he plays we simple stop and tell him NO Biting - Be Nice. He complies quite well actually. Hope this little trick helps.

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