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by Margo
(Mira Loma,Ca. USA)

Our 11 month old JRT has trained well, except for these items:

1 - Nips at ones ankles when we come in or when he isn't ready to stop playing and go to bed.

2 - Still can not make it through the night with out using the wee pads for both, pee and poop. We take bowls up and have tried adjusting night feeding.

Loves people and jumps up on them when they come in.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

He is a real love bucket other wise.

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Aug 09, 2013
by: Margo

Our Luv Bucket is now 2years 2 months old, no longer nips at ankles, still jumps on some a little, however, except on rare nights no wee wee on the wee wee pad.

The jumbing has been corrected by telling him no that is a bad boy, and if he persists, we put his leash on him and has to drag it around kinda puts a damper of jumping and he calms down. The leash isn't attached to anything but he harness.

He has always responded to positive training, and just saying no that is a bad boy,

Couldn't ask for a more wonderful loving demanding friend. EVERYONE loves him.

He is a special little guy.

Margo, one of the people I own!!! :-)

Jun 19, 2012
Biting and weeing
by: Brian

When the nipping starts, I would say "no biting" in a firm voice and then completely ignore your Jack (it will be hard!). When people visit, tell them to completely ignore your Jack until he is calm.

Can you make your night feeding even earlier? Like at 5? Also try limiting water at night. You might also want to take not of how long after feeding does the poop occur. Do you crate your Jack at night? That might help because usually Jack's don't make where they sleep.

Jun 14, 2012
by: Deborah

I have an 18 month old Jack that does the same thing I tell him with a stern NO and after awhile he has finally stopped and he has been doing it to everyone who comes into my house and now he does not do it at all but you just have to be very stern with him!

Good luck!

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