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by jean Wilson
(Edinburgh Scotland )

we have a 11wk old jrt called rudi,he is gorgeous and such a sook especially at night time,we've had him since he was 8wks and love the wee guy to bits!!!! but recently he's became very aggresive???? not toy aggresive or food just us lol...I'm really at my wits end,I play with him all day,treat him....praise him but every now and again he will just run at me constantly snarling,growling,snapping I give him a short sharp no and let out a ouch but it's stopped working,I've tried timeout in the cage but as soon as you let him out it starts against four kids can't walk past but he's at their feet what else can I do? I've managed to train him to sit,lie down then roll over where am I going wrong with this????

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Jul 16, 2012
no nip
by: CharleyChe

I agree with the other commenter. However, what I did find effective for me with my JRT as a pup was when he was going through phases of teething he seemed to be worse. By gently grasping around his muzzle and giving a slight squeeze, it was enough pressure for him to know to stop- and it worked. Occasionally he will attempt to bite or be demanding but just one gentle squeeze around his muzzle (I'm talking 1 or 2 seconds, not forcefully) and he will stop.

I had exhausted my resources until I found that one and it really worked for us. Best of luck!

Jul 06, 2012
You need to become the leader
by: Sabrina

I had the same problem when my jrt Rusty was a pup. I learned that the problem was me: I was giving the little guy too much of the wrong kind of attention. From what you have written it sounds as if you are doing the same thing. First of all, I had to each Rusty that snarling and aggressive behaviours are not an option. When he did this, I either pushed his head down until he became subservient; or I said in a very strong voice: "No!".
Next, you should only play with your jrt when you want to, and never when he demands playing. You should also start doing obediance training on a regular basis so that your position as leader is apparent. For example: teach him to sit and wait untile you say he is allowed to eat his dinner. When you come home, ignore the dog until you have greeted your family first. Make him learn to walk properly on a leash - that means no pulling. Don't let your dog sleep with you. There are loads of tips on this site that will give you more info about obediance.
The most important lesson is a jrt should not be treated a sweet toy. It is a big dog at heart. Your jrt sounds as if he thinks he's the alpha, or leader and that is why he thinks he can bite and snarl. In essence, he is trying to raise you to obey him. Once my Rusty got the picture, he has become the best dog. He never snarls, humps legs, bites, barks, or destroys things. I hope things work out for you and your dog.

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