by Julie
(New Zealand)

Our 3 year old female jack Russell had a relationship with another male jack Russell 4 weeks ago. Have been waiting patiently to see if she is in pup. But last couple of days she has been bleeding. It started as dark spotting, but has since lightened in colour. It is still a darkish color. But it seems to be coming out a bit more than her normal on heat bleeding? Why??

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Feb 18, 2014
JRT has more bleeding during season NEW
by: William

Increased discharge that is pure blood that lasts for 24 - 48 hours is not out of the ordinary -- as long as the volume of blood is not more than a 1/2 cup or more per day (I know it is hard to get a measurement - but at least this gives a rough idea) But if there is continued high level of loss, or if there is discoloration, or odor -- then a vet visit is needed as a uterine infection or blood clotting issue would need to be ruled out.

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