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Hi guys, just looking for a bit of advice please 🙏🏻 ok so I responded to an add on gumtree about some pups for sale in my local area. I went to see the pups on Monday and out of a little of 7 there was apparently 1 left, a little girl that I just fell in love with. I asked the breeder about deposits etc and she said half upfront £200 and £200 upon picking her up, I left to go away and think about it and then messaged later that night when the breeder text to ask if I wanted her at which point I confirmed I did want her (Monday) and I would pay in the deposit first thing on Tuesday. Tuesday morning I paid over the £200 text the breeder to say please confirm received and could I pick her up on Feb 14th? No reply. Tuesday I messaged to say just checking all ok? No reply. Left it until Saturday and messaged to say I appreciate you must be a busy lady but would like confirmation please. No reply. Called mobile, no answer. Called today (Sunday) left a voicemail - nothing 😞

I feel like I’m being a pest but something feels a bit wrong here and I’m worried I’ve lost my deposit but worst of all my pup! Thoughts and advice would be so appreciated - thank you x

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