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Brigette van der Linde

by Brigette
(Jhb, South africa)

hi, i bought a jack russel from a breeder, she is 6 week old and i have now picked up that her eyes are continuously tearing and she sleeps a lot. She is due for her deworming on the 7th December and i was just wondering if that could perhaps be the problem or could she have allergies?

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Dec 05, 2011
Jack Russell puppy tearing
by: Ilyssa

6 weeks old is a little young for a breeder to sell a puppy....
I'm not a vet but....the excessive tearing could be in response to allergies. If the tearing is accompianied by squinting or pawing of the eye, whimpering, it's probably best to check with your local vet to make sure. In the meantime you can check with the breeder to see if other puppies in the litter are doing it too.

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