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Bringing a new puppy in

by Emma
(Northern Ireland)

I have a male Jack Russell who is about 9 years old and we are planning on getting a miniature Jack Russell pup. However I'm worried about how my JR will react to the new pup as I would be worried that he would be too aggressive and bite or hurt the pup. He doesn't often get the chance to meet new dogs and would be quick to have a barking fit if he sees one on the street or TV. He gets on well with my grandparents dog as he as known her since we got him. I was hoping to get some advice on the best way to introduce my JR to the new pup without the risk of him hurting it. Thanks :-)

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Jan 03, 2015
Bringing in new Jack
by: Brian

I think it's good to bring in some energy for the older pup, it will be good for him. I would start off the introductions nice and slow. I would have them meet on neutral territory, like a sidewalk near your house. Have one person for each dog. Keep the first meeting short and sweet so they have a chance to smell each other, just a few seconds, gently pull away, give a treat. Walk around the block and then do this again (a few times). If the barking has tapered off and the greetings seem to be going ok, take them for a short walk together, possibly back to the house. Don't worry, be patient, it can take some time for each pup to adjust. Good luck, I'm sure this new Jack will be a great addition to your household!

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