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Bubba421- Jack Russell Terrier passed away (sad post)

by Jason
(Hodgenville, Ky. USA)

My female Jack Russell (Sosha) just died about 3 hrs ago giving birth. I looked down, and there she was. Tongue hanging out, dead with one pup hanging out of her. I made sure she was indeed dead and sadly she was.

So I immediately pulled the pup from her, tore the sack off and cut the cord. The pup is fine. But the rest that were trapped inside her are now burried with my dog in the back yard. I saw no choice but to write them off as part of this tragic loss.

This pup is all I have left. It's the last gift my friend gave to me before she died. I am currently bottle feeding it very regularly off and on slightly warmed watered down 2% milk. I will have to get some pup formula in the morning from the vet when it opens.

I have a pup sitter for it while I'm at work, but I need to know of anything else I can do for this poor thing that would make the transition into this world without its mother any easier. What are the chances I can get this pup to make it through the first 8 weeks? BTW, I have named her "Lucky".

Any and all advice on the a matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Jun 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad Lucky is hanging in there. Definitely keep us posted! I love all white Jack's, they are so pretty.

Tail docking is now illegal in some countries. Here is a list of restricted/unrestricted in terms of countries It looks like you are from the States where it is not. A licensed Vet should do it. For puppies it's usually done between 3-5 days without anesthesia. After that, it's not recommended until around 8 months. If you plan on getting him neutered that might be a good time to do it since he would already be under. So...depending on what age and if you have multiple procedures the cost may vary. Obviously if you have it done when he's older it will be more costly, at least a few hundred dollars.

Jun 20, 2011
Luck Seems To Be With Me!
by: Jason

Well, thank you very much for posting a reply. Lucky seems to be doing great. Every piece of advice you have given me I have followed and it is working well. Again, thank you. These are great forums!

I have gotten a pup formula called Esbilac. (A puppy milk replacement) and am on a strict 2-3 hour feeding schedule - at all hours through the night as well. I have my alarm set. She is urinating after every meal and defecating after about every other meal.

She eats, get's sleepy and I put her back down on her heating pad which is thoroughly covered and wrapped in a couple old blankets and setting is on low. I keep the AC off most the day and night too.

She is responding to this routine quite well. And I am truly thankful for this blessing. Even with all that has happened, I can now feel some bit of relief and closure to this nightmare.

I will be keeping a constant eye on her weight gaining as you suggested. I would like to get her tail docked but am unsure. When would the best time be to do that and how much does it cost to have done on average? Would it be something I could do? (doubtful, huh?)

She is an completely white Jack Russell as far as I can tell, a bit of a rare one if I do say so myself! Her mother had a brown mask and her father had a black mask. How she ended up all white I will never know.

But the mother only took to this one male, I do know that for a fact. Thank you again, for all your advise. I will be a regular here from now on and will keep you posted on how things are going.

I hope her name stands the test of time.


Jun 20, 2011
So sorry to hear about your loss
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved dog passing. You truly are "lucky" to have a reminder of her in the form of your new puppy.

Talk to your vet about getting the right formula and amounts down. Usually it's based on weight and daily calories required. And the first week you will need to feed her every 2-3 hours with warmed/room temperature milk (like you have been doing) You will want to be careful not to overfeed which is why it's important to talk to your vet about proper amounts.

It is important to mimic the body heat that the puppy would be getting from his Mom. You can achieve this from a heat lamp or a heating pad covered with towels. The first week the air temperature should be around 85-90 degrees and can be lowered to about 80 after that and then 70 for the next few weeks.

Make sure to monitor her weight, she should double her weight in the first 8-10 days. Also monitor her bowels. She should be urinating/defecating after each feeding. You may need to stroke her genitals with a warm wet cotton ball to help this along (after the feeding). Keep bedding very clean and wash frequently. You can wash Lucky with baby wipes to keep her clean.

Call the vet if you hear any excessive crying, she's not eating or her weight is not going up!

Our thoughts are with you! Please keep us posted on your journey with Lucky!!

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