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Buddy eats everything!!

by nicolene
(South Africa)

Hi, I have a 12 months old jrt dog. I am well aware that they like to chew stuff and rip it apart, but! Everything, and I mean Everything he chews on he will eventually end up eating. I'm afraid that his intestines will get blocked and he will have to go to the vet. There really is NO toy that i can leave him with to chew on, he even eats rubber! He will eat a tennis ball in a matter of 30 min. The only thing I could come up with for him to chew on (and eat) is large doggy treat bones.
Please help!
I don't know if he needs something.

PS. Nicolene

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Jan 20, 2011
OMG my Jack-a-Bea is Normal !!!
by: Sue D.

Just posted a similar letter ( I don't know where it went because it didn't get on this page). My 11 mo. old Hannah totally de-stuffs,destroys and eats any thing and everything including toys, pillows (king sized of course) She is not too fond of hard rubber toys including Kongs. Was at my wits end until I just read this and other posts all describing the same frantic and inappropriate behavior and they all fit my crazy dog to a Tee. Now I can look at her and laugh while I clean up the messes! Thanks to all for sharing - Hannah has decided that I've been neglecting her.

Jun 21, 2010
this what found to work for a toy!
by: Anonymous

I have four jrts and I love them all but the only ball they can't rip up is a racket ball and you can buy them anywhere. I get mine at Target for about 3 dollar for 3 balls. I hope this works for you good luck.

Apr 23, 2010
me too!
by: Anonymous

mine is eating the wall between the bathroom and the hall. he hates it when i close him so i can have some privacy. he also is chewing on my mother's feet all the time. it's pretty funny but she hates it!
good luck with your little guy. hopefully he'll quit chewing on EVERYTHING. hopefully mine will too!

Apr 09, 2010
Buddy Eats Everything
by: Robbin's Rescued Russells


Welcome to "living with a Jack Russell Terrier"! Jacks are famous for tearing things apart (toys with squeekies, tennis balls, etc). It is part of their genetic make up to "see their task until the end". There are toys and such that are all but impossible for a Jack to destroy. Kongs (can be purchased at pet stores, or online) that are designed for "heavy chewers" work well as do "Nyla Bones" for heavy chewers. If you feel your Jack has swallowed part of something you might try giving them a dollop or two of canned pumpkin. Not the pumpkin that is used as pie filling but real pumpkin. Of course always seek the advice of a veternarian first. I have a couple of my Jacks that I can't even play fetch with using a regular tennis ball because in a matter of minutes they "pop" them and then they split them in half. For those Terriers I use a "Hand Ball". A Hand Ball is made of a tougher rubber, and without the fuzz like a tennis ball. You can purchase them at a sporting good store and they come in a canister of three just like tennis balls. I compliment you for being aware of the dangers that can be associated with things that Jack Russells will eat! Hope my suggestions are helpful. Robbin

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