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Buster, the jack russell terrier, who's nipping

by Barbara

My short legged Jack Russell Buster is 13 weeks now and doing really well. The only problem is that in an excited kind of playful way he seem to always keep nipping or biting my husband. When my husband tell him to stop, Buster doesn't listen until I tell him. How can we get this nipping under control?

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Sep 04, 2011
Jack Russell nipping
by: Kelly

Nipping is a way for a puppy to explore their world. A good way to start working on the nipping is to have your husband give Buster a chew toy of some sort when it starts to happen. Make sure you/your husband give him lots of praise for chewing on an appropriate toy. Nipping also happens when a puppy gets too excited. When you are playing make sure you and your husband are calm and don't get him too wound up. If the chew toy doesn't help, then you can always turn your back on him and don't give him any attention for a few seconds so he gets the idea that when he nips, then the fun ends. If that doesn't work, you can try putting your hand over their muzzle and slightly push his lips into the teeth, if they exert pressure downward, they only end up biting themselves. This does two things: it gives them a correction, and simulates another dog putting it's mouth over their muzzle. This mimics a common sign of dominance among canines, allowing you to reemphasize your dominance over them! Give a verbal correction "No bite" and when they stop, I praise them. Have your husband do this since it sounds like he is the one being nipped.

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