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Buster the short legged JRT

by Barbara

I have a 12 week old short legged Jack Russell called Buster. Apart from a few misshapes he is doing really well with the toilet training until recently where i have found he had peed his bed. Does anyone know a reason why this has happen??

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Aug 23, 2011
Jack Russell potty issues
by: Elizabeth

Buster is still a puppy and puppies definitely can have accidents. That being said....make sure you are taking him out frequently enough (and consistently). When he makes outside you can reward him with a treat immediately after and say "good potty" or something along those lines. If he does have an accident make sure you are not giving him negative reinforcement by rubbing his nose in it or yelling at him. Also, get a good cleaner that has special enzymes that takes out the smell of pee since a dog's sense of smell is very strong and they often will seek out those spots to pee again. You can get the cleaner at a pet store/online.

Hope this helps! Potty training can take time and patience :-)

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