Buying a Jack Russell Terrier

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Considerations When Buying a Jack Russell Terrier

Buying a JRT is a big decision and there are a huge amount of different things that need to be thought about before entering into this commitment.

Introduction to Buying a JRT

Buying a JRT is a big decision and there are a number of different thoughts that should go through everybody’s head during this time. Most of the guides online will go through the different aspects of the dog that should be looked at while buying a Jack Russell Terrier, but this article aims to instruct the potential owner to first look at themselves and ask if they are ready to own this pet quite yet…

Do You Have the Space?

Many people think that a Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog, and if they go on physical size alone they would be right. The problem is though that Jack Russells have a big personality and are bursting with bags of energy – meaning that they need more space than would be expected. This is also true when it comes to the size of the garden. Those without a garden who are considering buying a Jack Russell Terrier must be prepared to give their dog a huge amount of exercise through taking them for walks – meaning that they can take up a lot of time.

Is Your House/Garden Secure?

The JRT has an incredibly inquisitive nature, therefore meaning that it will sniff out any weakness or always manage to run out of any open door. People regularly report that their Jack Russell has dug under their fence and escaped, so it is very important that all boundaries to a property are well secured and escape proof! On a slightly different note, due to this behavior, it is also recommended that a Jack Russell is kept on a leash at all times when being exercised; otherwise they will end up chasing anything that moves!

How Often Are You Away from the Home?

Jack Russells are extremely social animals, so therefore they need to feel like they are part of a “pack” – which you as the owner will be an integral part of. This means that when they are left alone for a long period of time, they can often become stressed and start to cause untold amounts of damage to anything that they can get their claws or teeth into. People that regularly leave their house for long periods of time are therefore not ideal candidates for owning this breed of dog; those that work from home though or are retired should definitely be thinking about buying a JRT!

Do You Have Children?

When it comes to children, Jack Russells are not an ideal breed to purchase. This is because they are not tolerant when it comes to even unintentional mistreatment and will often snap when they feel that this is happening. They are also not a breed that shares well, and every parent will know that small children are inquisitive. This means that should they pick up one of the dog’s toys or venture too close to the dog’s food, they could put themselves in harm’s way. Only households with no children under the age of six should consider buying a Jack Russell Terrier.

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