Buying Jack Russell Terriers from Africa

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Buying Jack Russell Terriers from Africa is not something that iscommon, yet there are still some who do it – therefore meaning that there are some important things to know about this practice.

As stated in the introduction to this article, the practice of buying JRTs from Africa is not something that many Americans do. It is also something that is not generally recommended, for a number of different reasons – all of which are listed below. Most of these center around the poor regulation of dog breeding throughout this continent and also around the extreme logistics that are needed in order to get JRTs from Africa – two topics that make this practice a risky business indeed. So, if you are considering buying JRTs from Africa and then importing them back into the United Stated, read this article before you go any further!

Why Not to Buy JRTs from Africa

It must firstly be noted that the contents of this article are in no way a slur on the continent of Africa. Instead, most of the problems that are found when buying JRTs from Africa are borne from poverty and the inability to raise and breed dogs to the same standard as those in the United States and Europe. Hopefully one day, Africa will be a prosperous place and therefore a place that is safe to buy Jack Russells from. For the meantime, the following reasons are the main ones for not buying Jack Russell Terriers from Africa.

The biggest reason for not buying Jack Russell Terriers from Africa is that their health is not likely to be as good as if they were bought from the United States or other developed nations. The health problems could include screwworm, disease or even rabies, which would obviouslybe an absolute disaster! The United States specifies that all dogs entering the country should be vaccinated against rabies and also checked for screwworm – meaning that the dog would certainly need to see a vet before being transported to the USA. Finding a vet can be tough in some parts of Africa can be tough, which will add a huge amount of stress to the whole process.

The other reason for not buying Jack Russell Terriers in Africa is the logistical implications that it entails. In most places Africa is not as well organized as other continents, therefore meaning that it is tough to organize all of the different facets of the purchase of a dog. As every buyer should always go to see a Jack Russell before making the purchase, this will also involve at least one return flight to Africa – something that can cost a lot of money! While Europe and South America are well served by cheaper flights from the United States, Africa is still very much an expensive place to fly to. It has to be asked – does buying a Jack Russell Terrier from Africa justify the expense and risk of flying there purely for that purpose?

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