What to Expect from a Cairn Terrier Jack Russell Mix

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Buying a Cairn Terrier Jack Russell mix can be a huge step for someone looking to add a dog to their home, but what kind of personality can you expect them to have?

Basic CTJR Mix Information

The CTJR is one of the most popular mixes when it comes to small dogs, and is known throughout the United States at least as a Jacairn – a name that is recognized by most of the major canine organizations, such as the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Designer Breed Registry. As with all different mixes, it is tough to tell what the personality of any individual CTJR mix will be until it is brought home for the first time. This means that the best way to plan for any new addition of this type to the household is to understand the different characteristics that each breed has and to then expect any combination of them to appear in the new Cairn Terrier Jack Russell mix that you have purchased!

Cairn Terrier Traits

As a terrier, the Cairn will share a lot of the characteristics of a Jack Russell, however there are some subtle differences. Just like a Jack Russell, they can be stubborn, extremely lively and also sometimes aggressive, however unlike a Jack Russell they don’t have quite the same intensity – they are a little more laid back in their approach to life!

It must be realized that a Cairn Terrier WILL chase other animals and therefore should not be housed with cats, other pets or even allowed off the lead often. This is the same for all terriers, so please take this advice as standard for the Cairn Terrier Jack Russell mix as well!

Jack Russell Traits

Every owner of a Jack Russell will know just how frustrating they can be, but will also know what fantastic companions they make as well! They are aggressive occasionally but they are also extremely loyal and loving towards their owner – as long as they have been trained to accept their owner’s dominant position!

One significant difference between these dogs is that the Jack Russell is certainly more adventurous. While the Cairn Terrier often takes stock of new situations or surroundings, the Jack Russell will be quick to explore and inevitably end up in trouble! This means that they are a breed of dog that needs to be watched like a hawk, because as soon as your back is turned, they will be up to some kind of mischief!

As can be seen, although these two breeds have a lot of similarities, they also have differences as well. This means that a CTJR mix will always retain the instincts that all terriers have, but how they act on them is a completely different matter. Whether they are calm and reserved or massive bundle of energy though won’t be known until they have settled into their new home – therefore you must plan for every eventuality!

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