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can i take my jack russell to join in a hunting group for free?

by joseph

hi everyone,

can i take my jack russell to join in on a hunting group for free? is it legal to do so, i guess is an obvious important point?

he has an incredibly high prey-drive, even more than most if not every other jack russell i see out and about, as he displays an unusual focus and drive, and i'm wondering if it would be best for him to, on top of his walks and runs, for me to join in with a hunting group and take him out with them? not nessecarily weekly, but maybe once monthly, say, for his enjoyment.

would this kind of thing be allowed? he was used for hunting in his first year before i got him, and they told me he was not for sale and that he was very, very active, but i managed to buy him. his tail was docked to a hand lengths which is what farmers do.

is there a way of finding out if there are professionally run organisations? i'm obviously talking about rabbits or similar, and not fox hunting or anything which is illegal.

in all he is very obedient and calm, and respectful to me, but he is literally unhinged when he goes into hunt mode. any feedback would be appriciated on how to best channel this energy, and any other ideas you may have will be interesting, but i don't want to train him to go down rabbit or badger holes as i had to 'un-train' him when i first got him, which was a big concern...

Thanks for your help.

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Jan 26, 2012
Earth Dogs
by: Maureen

Here in Australia we have what is called Earth Dog Trials, these are groups of people that have Jack Russells (and other breeds such as Foxies) that like to track and go underground and through obsticals on the trail of prey. perhaps you could make enquiries in your area for a similar thing. They are well supervised and controlled.
Good Luck

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