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Can JRT be trained to make in the toilet?

I just found out about your wonderful website and it is now on my bookmark list. I had not yet adopted a JRT because i still have a lot to learn about it. The age which I
prefer my puppy to be is 3-months-old. my question now is about toilet training which is the most crucial subject in my house considering that we have Persian
carpets. Is it possible for me to train my dog to use our toilet in the house like this one on youtube
( and at
what age do u think it is possible? if not what other methods do you recommend for a dog living in an apartment?

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Aug 28, 2011
Jack Russell in an apartment......
by: Jen

Jack Russell are very energetic pups and need to be walked frequently. As many young puppies do, they can have accidents. If you have expensive rugs, you may want to cover them or roll them up. However, even potty trained dogs occasionally have accidents.

As for training a Jack Russell to go on a potty - from the video, the dog looks smaller then typical Jack Russells' and may have better balance. I think it would be pretty difficult to train a Jack to go on the potty....but I have never tried it so I don't know. Most dogs go outside for a reason!

You might have better luck with Pee Pads. Pee Pads are pads that you put down and teach your dog how to use. Some pee pads are disposable and you can just throw them away. Some pee pads, you can wash. Also, crate training is another option. Usually Jack's will not go to the bathroom in their crate - so when you are out of your home you can keep them in the crate for small to moderate amounts of time and then walk them immediately when you get back. This will make sure you rugs won't get soiled.

Hope this helps!

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