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Can You Take the Terrier Out of a Jack Russell??

by Tianna
(Quebec, Canada)

I don't want to take the terrier out of our JRT, but I would like to know how to exhaust it before my 3 kids get home and seemingly erase all the training I just completed. Panda is a 12 week old JRT, he is our first. We also have a 3yr, 6yr and 8yr old kids. We have all fallen in love with Panda and he knows I am alpha, I do all the training with him and give him the majority of the treats. I have the kids give him dinner in his dish, or kong, or sometimes out of their hands so he knows food comes from them. My problem is that when we play fetch with him, he doesn't seem to be able to "come down". We have resorted to putting him into his cage the past couple of nights to quiet down, which he has no problem with, but I do. Is this a symptom of lack of exercise? I run him/ train with commands for about 30 mins reach day, plus we play fetch at home. My husband and I are both runners and would love to begin to train him to run with us, but he is still way too young. But once we stop playing fetch, he will still snap and my kids and act aggressively, he even got into an aggressive stance with me the other night when I tried to take his toy away. He understands the command "drop it" with his leash and we are working on it with his toys, but tonight I tried with treats, is this going too far?? Super long question, sorry, but I know his is a fabulous puppy and I would hate for us to mess him up! I would love any and all feedback. Thank you.

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Feb 17, 2014
Jack Russell puppy playing fetch
by: Raina

Sounds like Panda has found himself a lovely home! You and your family are doing a great job! Since he is still so very young, I would probably not play fetch with him especially since it is getting him too revved up and aggressive which is what you don't want. It seems he doesn't quite "get" how it works just yet and he doesn't want to relinquish his toys. Maybe wait on that until he is a bit older. I would concentrate on him getting basic exercise and lots of love/petting. Maybe there is an obedience class you and possibly your kids could take him to. That way you can socialize him a bit with other dogs while working on some of those commands. Once he perfects them a bit in a "safe" environment, then try them while playing.

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