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care of a new mom jack russell

by amanda
(sutton coldfield)

what type of care do i give to my jack russell she has just had 7 pups i rescued her 5 weeks ago i took her to the vets and was told she would give birth within a week i feel so sorry for her

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Feb 20, 2012
caring for new mom
by: Anonymous

That was so nice of you to rescue her....sounds like you got a little more then what you were expecting :-)
She is going to need more food then usual since she is nursing, 2 to 3 times the normal amount but then you can start reducing after a month. Keep her food and water close by because she will not want to leave her pups. If you notice any abnormalities whatso ever like a high temperature, excessive vaginal discharge or excessive tenderness/swelling of the breasts then definitely contact your vet.

Feb 19, 2012
Feeding new mom
by: maureen

Hi, You MUST start giving her calcium, preferably liquid calcium to replace the drain in her while she is feeding puppies. the most dangerous time is the first three weeks after giving birth, she is at risk of milk fever (eclampsia) that could kill her very quickly, if she looks a bit strange, or has twitches, or does not want to stay with her pups get her to the vet immediately as she could die in a very short time but if you start getting the calcium into her now she should be OK. If you google eclampsia in dogs it will explain it fully. Good luck.

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