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My Jack Russell will wake up from a sound sleep and just attack my beagle who was also sleeping. Any ideas why this might be happening? My beagle is 14 and very easy going. He never challenges my Jack Russell.

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Sep 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

He attacks him because the beagle is asleep and thats the best time to get him! All joking aside, the jack is probably having a nightmare which he wakes from and jumps on the nearest target. Seperate them a bit while hes sleeping and make the attack harder for him. If it continues kennels are a welcome solution to alot of problems.

May 09, 2012
Jack Russell waking up and attacking
by: Wendy

Is this a new behavior? Is so, it couldn't hurt to get your Jack checked out by a vet. It's not unusual for a dog to startle coming out of a sleep. Have you tried crating your Jack while he sleeps? That would contain him and give him a safe place of comfort. Or you could just be careful when he does sleep and make sure your other pup is out of harms way. I'm sure it's nothing against your other pup, your Jack is probably a bit disorientated upon waking or is startled easily.

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