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by Carolynn
(Adelaide SA)

Hi so my boyfriends dog is a 7 year old Jack Russell and has always peed and pooped inside. He is house trained but has always done it, He used to sleep in a laundry when my boyfriend lived with his mum and would always do it so I thought that he was doing it out of stress..

But then we moved and he was constantly weeing inside at his Dads house, even when the door was open for him.

My boyfriend and I now rent a place and it has carpet and he keeps peeing everywhere most nights. We go to bed at about 11pm and make hi go to the toilet before bed and we check to make sure he has gone. We get up at 6am so that is 7 hours that he can't hold it in. He doesn't let us know he needs to go, he actually sneaks off. We have carpet and it is getting unbearable to deal with cleaning up etc.

Does anyone have any ideas? Did anyone elses dog do this as I am starting to go mad? We are thinking about getting a crate for him as a last resort because he is destroying the carpets and we can't afford to get them cleaned all the time.

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Apr 26, 2015
Jack peeing and pooping inside the house
by: Elizabeth

You have a bit of a problem on your hands. This dog has been allowed to pee and poop inside the house his entire life. You are going to have to work really really hard to retrain him.

I would read a basic book on potty training. Then put him on a very set schedule of letting him out(you will need to be with him) combined with a long walk for exercise. Every time he goes outside, give him a reward right away. I would definitely crate him when you are not home - so during the day when you are at work and then at night when you are sleeping. Believe it or not, most dogs like the coziness of being in a crate. I would buy an enzyme based spray available at a pet store to erase the smells of where he has gone inside (regular cleaners do not erase those scents).
Remember, he has been doing this all his life so it is going to take some time to retrain him but it can be done. Good luck!

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